7FRO-2016 - Replacement for Air Flow filter

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7FRO-2016 - Replacement for Air Flow filter

7FRO-2016 - Replacement for Air Flow filter

Air Flow

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7FRO-2016 Details

OEM Make: Air Flow
Part Number: 7FRO-2016
Dimensions: 9.62 x 15.94 x 11.50
Outside Diameter: 15.94"
Length: 11.50"
Inside Diameter: 9.62"
Top: Open
Bottom: Closed
Shape: Round
Approx. Square Footage of Filter Media: 136
Notes: The media for the Air Flow dust collector filter is Fire Retardant 80/20 cellulose/polyester. Fire Retardant 80/20 is best to filter plasma cutting smoke/fumes, laser smoke/fumes (outside exhaust), and many other general manufacturing applications. The filter media has been chemically treated to inhibit combustion where sparks or burning particulate might reach the filters. 

This is not a product manufactured by the dust collector OEM. This filter is designed to replace the OEM filter, but at a cheaper price. We guarantee form and fit and the filters are built to meet or exceed OEM specifications.

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