FCS183600HF - Replacement for Oneida Filter filter

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FCS183600HF - Replacement for Oneida Filter filter

FCS183600HF - Replacement for Oneida Filter filter

Oneida Filter

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FCS183600HF Details

OEM Make: Oneida
Part Number: FCS183600HF
Dimensions: 12.93 x 18.07 x 36
Outside Diameter: 18.07"
Length: 36.00"
Inside Diameter: 12.93"
Top: Open with a gasket
Bottom: Open with a gasket
Shape: Round with an expanded metal inner / 3-banded outer core and a 1/4" lip for clips
Approx. Square Footage of Filter Media: 110
Notes: The media for this Oneida dust collector filter is Spun Bond with a PTFE Membrane. (Select the PTFE Spun Bond version from the dropdown box above.) With wide pleat spacing, Spun Bond is the best to filter for agglomerating materials, asbestos, fluidized bed dryers, food, and pesticides. This filter media resists temperature, chemical degradation, mechanical action, and electrical charge and has extremely high efficiency filtering sub-micron particulate. If you are just collecting general manufacturing dust then selecting 80/20 cellulose/polyester media on this filter can save you some money.


This is not a product manufactured by the dust collector OEM. This filter is designed to replace the OEM filter, but at a cheaper price. We guarantee form and fit and the filters are built to meet or exceed OEM specifications.

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