P190620-016-340 - Donaldson Torit - OEM Replacement Filter

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P190620-016-340 - Donaldson Torit - OEM Replacement Filter

P190620-016-340 - Donaldson Torit - OEM Replacement Filter

Donaldson Torit

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P190620-016-340 Details

OEM Make: Donaldson Torit
Part Number: P190620-016-340
Dimensions: 10.54" X 13.87" X 10.00"
Outside Diameter: 13.87"
Length: 10.00"
Inside Diameter: 10.54"
Top: Open with round 16.68" Flange
Bottom: Closed
Shape: Round
Approx. Square Footage of Filter Media: 136
Notes: The media for this dust collector filter is 80/20 cellulose/polyester. (Select the 80/20 media option from the dropdown box above.) 80/20 is best to filter weld smoke, grinding dust, and used in many other general manufacturing applications. 

This is not a product manufactured by the dust collector OEM. This filter is designed to replace the OEM filter, but at a cheaper price. We guarantee form and fit and the filters are built to meet or exceed OEM specifications.

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