218753001 - Replacement for Farr filter

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218753001 - Replacement for Farr filter

218753001 - Replacement for Farr filter


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218753001 Details

OEM Make: Farr
Part Number: 218753001
Dimensions: 9.48 x 13.84 x 26
Outside Diameter: 13.84
Length: 26
Inside Diameter: 9.48
Top: Open
Bottom: Closed
Shape: Round
Approx. Square Footage of Filter Media: 102
Notes: The OEM specification for this dust collector filter is Spun Bond. Because polyester is a thicker material, you can fit about half the filter media that more common medias like 80/20 or Nanofiber can. Spun Bond filters are meant for high temperature or abrasive applications.

Though often touted as “washable” (Spun Bond is tough material) you must be conscious of the fact you may be creating HAZMAT with the water you used to wash it with. The general logic is that if it’s not ok to breath, it’s usually not ok with the local government to put in the community’s drinking water.

This is not a product manufactured by the dust collector OEM. This filter is designed to replace the OEM filter, but at a cheaper price. We guarantee form and fit and the filters are built to meet or exceed OEM specifications.

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